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Top 3 best mountain bikes in 2018

We take a look on the top best mountain bikes in 2018, not looking price but on the looks and its performance through different terrains
Written by Andrew E. on 16.06.2017, 12:00

We visited BikeShop in order to test their upcomming mountain bikes for 2018. The mountainbikes will be tested on different terrains. We will not look at the price, but will judge it based on the bikes looks and performance.

Mountain bike #1 - Lapierre WRF201

Lapierre WRF201won the firstplace regarding its looks and performace. The design looks amazing and the carbon frame brings our the smooth lines. The wheels also set the bike apart from the others.

Mountain bike #2 - Haibike xDWKT

Haibike xDWKT takes teh second place regarding looks and performance. What not to love about the looks, beautiful carbon frame and amazing wheels.

Mountain bike #3 - Scott QMK0

Scott QMK0 takes the 3rd placed regarding looks and performance. Scott QMK0 is a new brand and has gained a lot of momentum. It lokks sweet and has high spec components.

Need a new bike for the summer?

Do you need some new mountain bikes for 2018. then you should consider some of these top 3 mountain bikes. They have different looks and feel.