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The highest peak in Tibet

We interviewed the brothers Mike and Jean about their bike trip trying to reach the highest peak on Tibet.
Written by Bob K. Sean on 11.07.2017, 05:35

Peaceful journy

Mike and Jean Johnson have been traveling in Tibet for a month. Following the trekking regions to the mountain which is considered to be holy by Budhists. This mountain has a peak of 6740m high.
It is a beautiful track with lots and impresive nature. On the path you will discover forrest, waterfalls.

The trip is hard, but you will find yourself being calm during the trip. Away from the city noice and smell. Just experiencing the full nature and the bird sound.

For this trip it important to have a good bike that fits the environment. Also you need some extra biking gear with you in case of emergency, since you will not find a shop near by.